Q: Does the bar have an ice machine or do we have to bring in bagged ice?

A: We do have an ice machine and offer ice to our renters for a small fee.


Q: Can I rent linens through the FOP?

A: We do not have a contract with a linen company.  Therefore, you will need to procure your own linens.  If you decide to hire a caterer, speak with them about acquiring affordable linens, they are usually able to do so.


Q: What do we do if we want to have alcohol at our event?

A: You may have what is called an "open bar" at your wedding, meaning you may give alcohol away to those guest who are of the legal drinking age. However, if you wish to have a "cash bar", meaning guest pay for any alcohol, you must either obtain a permit through the city for the day or hire a caterer or bartending service to sell the liquor for you. If your caterer is selling alcohol, we must have proof of liquor license as the FOP does not hold a liquor license of its own. 


Q: Can we bring in our own food or do we have to use a caterer?

A: You can bring in your own food.  You will have access to a two door freezer refrigerator unit. Chafing dishes are allowed to keep warm foods warm. You may also choose to use a caterer, although there is no food prep or cooking of food allowed on the premises as the FOP does not have a food license. If you chose to use a caterer we require contact with the caterer months before the rental, the caterer will have their own contract with us that must be signed and approved before the wedding date. The catering contract is no cost. 


Q: Can we get in early to set up for our event?

A: We only schedule one event per day, and your rental fee covers the entire day.  The hall is available from 9 am until 11 pm and you can plan to enter the building at any time that day.  For example, if you have an event at 2 pm you can schedule to come in any time after 9 am that day to set up.  You are responsible for the setup/tear down of your tables and chairs, so we suggest an event ending time of no later than 10 pm to assure ample time to break down  the hall.  Again, if you hire a caterer, they will usually do the set up/tear down for you for a fee. 


Q: Do we have to clean up after our rental?

A: We request that you do minimal cleaning after your rental.  Please remove all decorations, break down tables and chairs, and remove the trash.  There is a dumpster on the left side of the building where you can dispose of your waste.  It is not necessary to vacuum or do heavy duty cleaning as we hire a cleaning crew to do that after a rental. 


Q: How much parking is available?

A: We have plenty of parking in our main lot.  There are also small parking lots on both sides of the building.  Approximately 150 parking spaces and 6 handicapped accessible parking spaces are available.


Q: Are there hotels nearby?

A: Yes, see below


Ramada Inn North                           Crowne Plaza                           Courtyard Mariott

6767 Schrock Hill Ct.                        6500 Doubletree Ave.             3900 Morse Crossing

Columbus, OH 43229                      Columbus, OH 43229              Columbus, OH 43219

614-890-8111                                     800-948-0424                          614-416-8000


Q: Will there be a uniformed police officer on site?

A: We will have a monitor that will open the facility for you and lock it up when you leave, this will not be an active duty Officer.  However, one special duty officer is included in the price of your rental from 7pm-10pm. If additional officers are required, or additional duty time is required, the deposit is charged accordingly. If you would like to hire additional officers, please arrange that with the Office. 


If you have any additional questions, please communicate with the office, we will be happy to answer any inquiries you might have.

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